May 22 - June 19 2019 - 5 Wednesdays

New York Academy of Art

10:00am - 5:00pm - $515.00

Students will be able to paint watercolors outdoors in exuberant locations of New York. Working from observation, students will focus on shapes rather than on isolated objects. Students will also capture light and shadow to create a convincing sense of space and form. The goal is to transmit and exemplify what is seen on location to the paper, learning to simplify and avoid overworking, using the watercolor properties of creating accidents without losing control.

There will be daily demonstrations, exercises, and one-on-one guidance to develop each student’s own style. Topics Include: Dealing with constantly changing light and shadows, values, dynamic compositions, additive and reductive methods, correcting mistakes, and transparent glazing. All levels of experience are welcome!

Beginner to Advanced - ENROLL LINK


June 20-23 2019 - Thursday - Sunday

Maker's Circle Studio, Willow School Farmhouse

1150 Pottersville Rd, Gladstone, NJ 07934

9:00am - 4:00pm - $465

This not-to-miss, 4-day class focuses on a loose watercolor approach, similar to that of John S. Sargent's style. The goal is to transmit and exemplify what you see in nature to the paper in front of you, learning to simplify and avoid overworking, using the watercolor properties of causing accidents without losing control.

Students will be guided through step-by-step demonstrations: showing how to draw, color mix, use tonal values, control brushwork, and create a composition. In order to achieve its freshness, the basics of watercolor must be understood. Marcelo decodes this difficult medium in parts, to help the student learn to let the medium "paint itself".

The creative process he uses when creating his own art is the same he teaches. With more than 5 years of watercolor teaching experience, his instruction and practices allow the medium to express itself and create images that are alive. His goal, by exemplifying how to cause accidents without losing control, is for his students to win trust and obtain definitive results in this unforgiving technique.

Classes begin in the studio, and end in Plein Air in picturesque outdoor locations around our area. This course is great for beginner and intermediate artists who are looking to take their watercolor painting to the next level.